Rating appeals deadline - handicapping credits

11:06 2/26/2017

Dear MORF Racers,

Rear Commodore Diane Bouchaert has ask me to remind the fleet that the deadline for ratings appeals or protests is the Winter Meeting, next Saturday March 4. You also need to reapply each year for the MORF handicapping credits. If you have such credits and you forgot to check the red box on your application send us an email. Tell us if you've changed anything; you'll need to go through those changes with the Rear Commodore. After plying Diane with drinks at the winter meeting would be an excellent venue for such a discussion.

So far 34 people have told us they are coming to the Winter meeting. Send us an email (morf@morfraing.org) if you haven't let us know that you plan to attend. I hope to see you there.

Peter Cooper,
MORF Secretary