MORF Open Series

Fleet results scoring best 2 of 2 finishes
SxPl Boat NamePnts0102
F11 Caliente 23,20011
J91 Kahuna3,12121
J92 Dionysus1,6001
J93 A-ra-ca-ra1,444 3
J93 DNF1,444 3
S01 Skidmarks3,04431
S02 Honey Badger2,96523
S03 Lightning2,68918
S44 Jahazi2,59464
S44 Solitary2,59446
S36 Scout2,59255
S07 Winnebago2,54592
S58 Whisper2,31277
S09 Erica1,989811
S310 Full Tilt1,924119
S411 Heart Throb1,5701412
S612 Tempest1,5681313
S513 Tenacity1,562+1610
S614 Songline1,4051514
S015 Sassafrass1,3701218
S616 Exeter1,2851023
S617 Truant1,177+1617
S518 Unknown Lady21,1601915
S519 Tide the Knot1,1541816
S620 Revelation9252019
S421 Serenity7652320
S422 Its Good7242123
S423 DNF-S432423
S623 dnf6324 23

   + indicates a tie
   * indicates committee boat
Last updated 24-Sep-12