MORF Open Series

Section results scoring best 2 of 2 finishes
SxPl Boat NamePnts0102
F11 Caliente 23,20011
J91 Kahuna3,12121
J92 Dionysus1,6001
J93 A-ra-ca-ra1,444 3
J93 DNF1,444 3
S01 Skidmarks3,04431
S02 Lightning2,96914
S03 Honey Badger2,96523
S04 Winnebago2,81752
S05 Erica2,66545
S06 Sassafrass2,45066
S31 Scout3,20011
S32 Full Tilt3,04222
S41 Jahazi3,12121
S41 Solitary3,12112
S43 Heart Throb2,88833
S44 Its Good2,66545
S45 Serenity2,59464
S46 DNF-S41,2256
S51 Whisper3,20011
S52 Tenacity3,04222
S53 Tide the Knot2,81334
S53 Unknown Lady22,81343
S61 Tempest3,12121
S62 Songline2,96532
S63 Exeter2,82516
S64 Truant2,81343
S65 Revelation2,66554
S66 dnf61,225 6

   + indicates a tie
   * indicates committee boat
Last updated 24-Sep-12