Race Signup

Regular MORF members need neither sign up nor pay for MORF buoy races.

We request regular MORF members to tell us they are planning to come to MORF long distance races so we have a count of racers. Just send an email to morf@morfracing.org. We shouldn't send you an invoice but if we do DON'T PAY IT!

Non MORF members should sign up for races here by cutting and pasting the list below into an email, entering the information, and sending it to morf@morfracing.org. Please attach a copy of your PHRF certificate if possible. If you do not have a PHRF rating MORF will provide one.

Boat Name:   
Sail Number: 
PHRF Rating: 

email to:     morf@morfracing.org 
subject:      RACE Signup

You will receive an invoice by PayPal for whichever races you have listed. The fee for each MORF race is $45. The Open races are one fee for all races. Emailing this information constitutes signing the the standard MORF liability waiver below.

The following MORF races are open to all. These races are described in the MORF Racebook.

Day   Date  Start   Area        Race

Sat   6/10  10:00   SA7         Long Distance Series - (Zimmer)

Sat   8/19  10:00   SA7         Long Distance Series -(Skippers Club)

Sat   9/23  11:00   SA7         Skyway Yacht Works MORF Open - Race 1-2 
Sun   9/24  11:00   SA7         Skyway Yacht Works MORF Open - Race 3 	 

I have read the Racing Rules of Sailing as adopted by the US SAILING Association and agree that in submitting this application I am 
bound thereby. In consideration of the opportunity to participate in the Midwest Open Racing Fleet (MORF) Races and being fully aware
of the dangers that may befall mariners, each of the undersigned, for himself and his heirs, legal representatives, successors and 
assigns, hereby waives any and all claims which he, and any of them, may have against the Midwest Open Racing Fleet and its Board of 
Directors, members and agents involved in the organization, supervision and conduct of races. This waiver is not intended to preclude 
claims by an individual contestant against another contestant arising out of any alleged negligent conduct of said contestant. I agree 
to the conditions of the Races set forth in the current MORF Race Book and state that the yacht identified above will be outfitted, 
equipped and handled in accordance with these conditions and that the yacht will comply with the class rules while racing. I 
specifically agree that it is my responsibility to see that this yacht is seaworthy in hull, rig, and gear, and that she is 
competently operated. I knowingly assume the risks of yacht racing and agree that the decision to start and continue a race is solely 
my responsibility.

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of $300,000 per event or the